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Invasive species taking over Wiggins
By Jody O'Hara
Oct 18, 2012, 16:36

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Stone County 911 Center
Wiggins Primary Care
Wiggins Police Department
Wiggins Gun & Pawn
Wiggins Family Dentistry
Wiggins Clinic
White's Pharmacy
Wiggins Fire Department
Wiggins Planning Department
W Engineering, P.A.
Vardaman Street Christian Academy
Vision Center
USDA Conservation
Uncle J's Place
The Little Country Shoppe
Tice Engineering
Swing High for Stone Schools (Pine Hill)
Stone Dental Clinic
Stone County Enterprise
State Farm Insurance
Southern Office Supply
Southern Heat Baseball (Pine Hill)

Have you seen your new neighbor?
Odds are, they're not very talkative and they have a tendency to stare.
All around town, on porches, in front yards and sometimes just hanging out on the curb, scarecrows are popping up.
Encouraged by city officials, civic leaders and members of the Stone County Economic Development Partnership, these scarecrows now number more than 80 and there's no telling where or when their proliferation will stop.
Some have even brazenly offered to pay cash money to the host of the most attractive scarecrow.
Rumor has it there's $50 on the line here.
The stuffed - and often nattily dressed - creatures have so infiltrated local culture they even have their own elections, a sure sign they're approaching the civilized stage.
In all seriousness, SCEDP Executive Director Jay Paul Gumm said the scarecrows tell a wonderful story about the community.
"Not only are they a lot of fun for our residents, they feature the artistic talents that are a huge part of who we are," he said. "The scarecrows are an insight into the quality of life and each one is a different thread in the tapestry that is Stone County."
Votes for the best scarecrow may be cast at or by stopping at the SCEDP office in the Wiggins Depot, 115 Hatten Ave. E.

2012 Scarecrow List
Please see Pages 19 and 20 for a photo essay, compliments of the Stone County Economic Development Partnership
1. Hampton Inn, 2. State Farm, 3. Little Country Shop, 4. Boo’s Talk of the Town, 5. Fire House Museum at City Hall, 6. Pizza Inn, 7. Off The Tracks Fine Arts Gallery, 8. Michelle’s Dance Studio, 9. Blossman Gas, 10. W. Engineering, 11. Danzey Oil Co., 12. Stone Dental Clinic, 13. White’s Pharmacy, 14. White’s Gift Shop, 15. Popeye’s, 16. Roger White’s Office, 17. Alexander Van Loon, 18. S&P Garden Supply Store, 19. Peoples Bank,
20. Sonic Drive-in, 21. Desoto Treated Materials, 22. Azalea Garden
Nursing Home, 23. Bank of Wiggins Frontage Branch, 24. Paul Hardy
Properties, 25. Stone County Enterprise, 26. Stone County Military at top
of Pine Hill by Railroad, 27. Vardaman Street Christian Academy, 28.
Southern Heat Baseball team (bottom of Pine Hill by Old Whites), 29.
Garden Gate Garden Club (Old Tice Building at bottom of Pine Hill), 30.
Pearl River Valley EPA, 31. Jack’s Home Improvement, 32. Alexander
Hardware, 33. Glamorama Beauty Salon, 34. The Vision Center-Dr. Greg
Loose’s Office, 35. Southern Global Tractor, 36. Mississippi Power Company,
37. Girl Scout Troop 4027-on Pine Hill, 38. Jessalyn & Lee Cain-on Pine Hill,
39. Hudson Farm Supply, 40. Deborah Cannon-Home (King Bee Road), 41.
City of Wiggins Planning Department, 42. Posh Apparel, 43. Bank of
Wiggins-Main Branch, 44. Gracie Barra (Next to Anytime fitness), 45.
Keesler Federal Credit Union, 46. Butcher Block, 47. Stone County
Courthouse, 48. Stone County Justice Court, 49. Guthrie & Sons, 50.
Dandy Dans, 51. Pro Air/Tri County Air, 52. Wiggins Pawn Shop, 53.
Bang’s Salon, 54. (UPS & FEDEX Store), 55. Wards, 56.
Jamie’s Center Stage School of Dance, 57. Cspire (not in contest but on list
of Scarecrows around town), 58. Vine Street Triangle-Lynette Havens &
Donna Rouse, 59. Tina Gillespie’s Corner of Third & Bond (night scene), 60.
Stone County 911, 61. Trinity Taxidermy, 62. Roberson’s Paint & Body
Shop, 63. Wiggins Fire Department, 64. Wiggins Family Dental, 65. Quality
Coin Laundry, 66. Wiggins Depot, 67. Parker’s Service Station, 68. Credit
Union South, 69. Brittany Johnson, 70. Gina Bounds, 71. Uncle J’s Place,
72. Wiggins Police Department, 73. Wiggins Clinic, 74. Ferris O’Neal Senior
Center, 75. Advance Auto Parts, 76. Tice Engineering, Inc., 77. Kloze
Klozet, 78. Southern Office Supply, 79.Bank of Wiggins Main Branch
Gazebo, 80. Skinner’s Florist.

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