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McHenry missionary fighting uphill battle
By Jody O'Hara
Dec 27, 2012, 11:52

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Jerry Eastes, a missionary from McHenry, is in the thick of the Philippines catastrophe wrought by Typhoon Pablo.
Wayne Flurry, pastor of McHenry First Baptist Church, said Eastes is reporting many thousands of victims are homeless, without food and in dire need of assistance.
"He reports no organized relief efforts in place, with people clinging to what water and loaves of bread they can get, and that is minimal," Flurry said. "Fire trucks are bringing water, and filing trash cans and other containers so folks can have water.
"A dump truck came through with loaves of bread, which people literally fought for until the truck emptied, and many had to go away with none."
There are more than 1,000 confirmed dead on the island of Mindanao since Pablo struck Dec. 4.
Eastes sent his wife and two teenage daughters home Dec. 10 because of the chaos following the storm.
Flurry and the members of McHenry First Baptist are attempting to lend any assistance possible to Eastes and those affected by the storm.
"We have a story on the main page of our web site,, which asks folks to pray, and consider a donation of any amount," Flurry said. "Every penny will go directly to the relief effort for food and medicine.
"I have forwarded an e-mail to my regular list, and placed a plea for help on Facebook and word is slowly getting around."
Those wishing to donate to relief efforts can visit the church's site or call the church at 601-928-4644.

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