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Nearly $20K in stolen goods recovered
By Jody O'Hara
Sep 12, 2013, 08:43

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Traditional police work along with a new online program have resulted in the recovery of nearly $20,000 in stolen Stone County property.
Stone County Sheriff Department Investigator Ray Boggs said an arrest in Harrison County had led to a large stash of stolen goods.
Nearly $26,000 worth of property was stolen from a home on Mage Road near the George County line in June.
"A traffic stop in Harrison County resulted in law enforcement officials running a Mule utility vehicle on the National Crime Information Network and that produced a hit," Boggs said. ""We got some search warrants after to talking to the suspect and went to a property where we recovered nearly $13,000 worth of goods.
"Another search warrant produced another $5,800 in stolen property."
The suspect, 62-year-old George Ray Turner of Saucier and two others, husband and wife Shad Anthony Shaw and Cassandra Shaw, also of Saucier, are in custody in Harrison County.
The online system, Leads on Line, allows items pawned to be identified and reported as stolen.
The program led Boggs to seek a warrant for the arrest of Timothy Gentry, a 34-year-old Pascagoula resident.
Gentry had been identified by Leads on Line as the individual who had pawned some stolen firearms.
Investigator Eddie Rogers was able to recover some of the $28,000 in rare coins, jewelry and musical instruments stolen from a Stone County woman.
Newlyweds Kristopher Arcement and Stephanie Arcement plead guilty Monday to stealing the property from Stephanie Arcement's mother.
"We payed somewhere in the vicinity of $1,700 to participate in Leads on Line and I think it's more than worth it," Rogers said.
Sheriff Mike Farmer said his department would avail itself of any and all technology to assist in the fight against crime.
"Whether we're using old-fashioned shoe-leather investigations or we're using cutting-edge technologies, we're going to do whatever it takes to make sure we apprehend those who would steal from our hard-working citizens in Stone County," he said.

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