IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF STONE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI LOU ANN POWELL, PLAINTIFF(S) VERSUS CIVIL ACTION NO.: 66CH1:20-cv-00062-JP VALERIE POWELL, KENNETH ROY POWELL, RALPH POWELL, MARCUS POWELL, JOHN MARCUS POWELL, CAMERY FERRELL, TERRENCE JOSEPH FERRELL, VALERIE POWELL, LELA POWELL, AND COLE POWELL, unknown heirs of Kenneth Powell, deceased, unknown heirs of Rickey Powell, deceased, unknown heirs of Mertle Jean Burnett, deceased, unknown heirs of Barbara Ferrell, deceased, and all unknown parties who claim an interest or title to the property described in the Petition for Partition of Real Property, DEFENDANTS CHANCERY COURT SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION ON PETITION FOR PARTITION OF REAL PROPERTY STATE OF MISSISSIPPI TO: Any and all known and unknown heirs at law under Sections 91-1-27 and 91-1-29 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as annotated and amended, of Kenneth Powell, deceased, Rickey Powell, deceased, Mertle Jean Burnett, deceased, and Barbara Ferrell, deceased, and any other persons or parties claiming any legal or equitable interest in the real estate described in the Petition for Partition of Real Property or in the Estates of the aforementioned individuals. You have been made respondents in an action filed in this Court by Lou Ann Powell, Plaintiff, seeking a Partition of Real Property. You are hereby summoned and commanded to personally appear before the Chancery Court of Stone County, Mississippi, at the Harrison County Chancery Courthouse, 1801 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi, on Monday, the 31st day of August, 2020, at 9:00 A.M., to defend said action and show cause why the relief sought and prayed for in the Petition for Partition of Real Property of Lou Ann Powell should not be granted. You are not required to file an answer or other pleading but you may do so if you desire. Issued under my hand and the seal of said Court, this the 21st day of July, 2020. HON. SAMUEL TOM SMITH CHANCERY CLERK (SEAL) BY: Stephanie Lee D.C. ATTORNEY: Percy W. Watson (MSB 6994) P.O. Box 1767 Hattiesburg, MS 39403 (601) 545-1051 Dates for Publication: July 29, 2020, August 5, 2020, and August 12, 2020 Rule 81/Pub/02