WHEREAS, on July 27, 2015, JERRY WAYNE NEAL AKA JERRY NEAL, executed a Deed of Trust to Thomas M. Matthews, III, Trustee for BANK OF WIGGINS, which is recorded in Book 389 at Page 521 in the Office of the Chancery Clerk of Stone County, Mississippi; and

     WHEREAS, BANK OF WIGGINS appointed Gerald M. Warren as Substitute Trustee by instrument dated February 26, 2019, and recorded in Book 428 at Page 435 in the aforesaid office; and

     WHEREAS, default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, which default has continued for a period of time necessary for the holder to declare the entire unpaid balance immediately due and payable, and BANK OF WIGGINS, the holder of the Deed of Trust as aforesaid, having requested the undersigned Substitute Trustee so to do, I will on the 3rd day of April, 2019, offer for sale at public outcry and sell during the legal hours, being between the hours of 11:00 o’clock a.m. and 4:00 o’clock p.m., at the West front door of the Stone County Courthouse in Wiggins, Mississippi, for cash or certified funds ONLY, to the highest and best bidder, the following described land and property lying and being situated in the County of Stone, State of Mississippi, and more particularly described as follows, to-wit:

     Lot 2, Block 6, Original Survey to the Town of Wiggins, Mississippi, sometimes referred to and called Original Wiggins, as per map or plat thereof on file in the Office of the Chancery Clerk of Stone County, Mississippi. LESS AND EXCEPT: Begin at the SW corner of Lot 2, Block 6, Original Survey to Wiggins, and from said Point of Beginning, thence run along the South boundary line of said lot a distance of 120 feet to the West boundary line of a concrete drainage ditch; thence in a Northwesterly direction along the Western boundary line of said concrete drainage ditch to the point where said drainage ditch crosses the North boundary line of said lot; thence run West along the Northern boundary line of said lot a distance of 102 feet to the NW corner of said lot; thence run South along the West boundary of said lot a distance of 100 feet to the Point of Beginning, as per map or plat on file in the Chancery Clerk’s Office of Stone County, Mississippi.

     I will convey only such title as is vested in me as Substitute Trustee.

     WITNESS my signature this 6th day of March, 2019. GERALD M. WARREN,

Substitute Trustee

Gerald M. Warren Attorney at Law

P. O. Box 1506

Gulfport, MS 39502

(228) 897-9975

MS Bar No. 06963

PUBLISHED: March 13, 2019, March 20, 2019 and March 27, 2019.