Details for Farmworkers needed

Farmworkers needed for crawfish season in the Abbeville, La. rural area, working for Natachia Stelly from 11/1/2019 – 6/30/2020, Guar. 3/4 work period contract, 5 temporary positions, 35 hrs. wk. @ $11.33/hr.. Work includes: manually cut fish bait; load bait onto trucks & take to field; bait traps; opérate motorized crawfish boat; pull Crawfish traps from pond; empty Crawfish in sacks; load sacks of Crawfish on truck and bring to shop; unload, weigh & tag Crawfish; assist loading Crawfish on buyer trucks; and general upkeep of the shop and surrounding área and working outside in inclement weather conditions. Frequent stooping, lift up to 40 lbs. All tools, equipment & supplies provided at no cost. Housing provided on the premises at no cost. Transportation & subsistence expenses to the worksite will be paid by the employer upon completion of 50% of the work contract. Must have legal authority to work within the United States. Contact Abbeville Career Solutions, 1501 Clover St., Abbeville, LA 70510 – 337-893-1986. Please refer to job order 915755.