Adam Savage

Original MythBusters host Adam Savage returns to television with a new twist on an old favorite.

Original MythBusters host Adam Savage returns to television with a new twist on an old favorite. "My kids are 19. They've just left the house," explains Savage. "I'm a big believer in sharing. I share the stuff that I build, I share my process, I share my emotions around it, I share my failures. And that's been my job for years." And in Science Channel's MythBusters Jr., (Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 2) Savage is sharing his special-effects know-how with a half-dozen kids who share his wonderment and curiosity.

Just because Savage's new crew are tweens and teens, don't expect the new myths to be watered down. The action of this season's 10 episodes includes engineering a fire extinguisher jetpack, building dominos big enough to crush a car, and testing myths from the film Gravity and TV's Breaking Bad.

"When big things fall on big things, the pure delight on the kids' faces is something they just can't hide," says Savage, who likens his kid-colleagues' experience of filming MythBusters Jr. to attending the world's greatest summer camp. "I'm their camp counselor and their advisor and sometimes their test subject," he laughs and teases, "I have a picture of three of them holding chunks of C-4. I can't wait to tweet these -- children holding C-4!"

And while crushing cars and blowing things up might not be activities that viewers could (or should) replicate, Savage shares that the series has elements based around a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculum, and many of its experiments are meant to be imitated. "That's probably the most significant shift from MythBusters. When it's stuff you shouldn't try at home, we're doing it behind blast shields. We're doing it with safety equipment and with all the correct precautions," says Savage. "I think that the difference here is that I'm really into a lot of the interim experiments being 'do try this at home' experiments."

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