Editor’s note: The Stone County Enterprise ran, in last week’s edition, a story concerning the trial of former Stone County Hospital’s owner Ted Cain and his associates. The Enterprise mistakenly treated the matter as a criminal trial rather than a civil trial and, in response, Cain’s attorney, Ronnie Musgrove, released the following statement.

After more than two months in trial, the jury impaneled to hear the case of Aldridge v. CMI, a civil whistleblower law suit brought by James Aldridge, the relator, and the Federal Government, announced its verdict recently.

Star Lamier was found to have no liability under the False Claims Act or Unjust Enrichment claims.

Tommy Kuluz was found liable under the False Claims Act for each year except one year in which he was not with the company, but had no liability for Unjust Enrichment.

Ted and Julie Cain were found liable under the False Claims Act and Unjust Enrichment claims

On behalf of defendants Ted and Julie Cain, Tommy Kuluz and Star Lamier and their counsel, we would like to express respect for the jury process. While we are pleased with the outcome for Star Lamier, we will appeal the rulings against Tommy Kuluz and Ted and Julie Cain.

Despite the outcome, Ted and Julie are still proud of the investment they made into bringing quality healthcare to Stone County and Ted’s home town of Wiggins. They would do it again, and they are proud of what they accomplished for the community.

This case started over 13 years ago when James Aldridge, disgruntled former employee, who had only been at Stone County Hospital for two months, filed what is called a relator claim. After 8 ½ years of investigation into this relator claim, the Federal government could not and did not find any fraud in any of the relator’s claims. Instead, the government moved forward with the claims that were considered in this trial.

Every submission made to Medicare for reimbursement was reviewed by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and approved. Nothing was hidden; everything was transparent.

We accept our path forward with confidence and the belief that justice will be served. Ted’s and Julie’s dream of providing quality healthcare for the good people of Stone County remains the goal.

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