After two more weeks of cleaning up debris leftover from Hurricane Zeta, the County has removed thousands of hanging limbs and nearly 150 hazardous trees.

County Engineer Jon Bond reported the clean up’s progress at the Stone County Board of Supervisor’s board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 19, with only the Board Vice President and District 1 Supervisor Clark Byrd absent, the regular meeting convened. Byrd was out sick that week.

Phase 1 of the cleanup was getting roads clear. After Phase 1 was completed before Jan. 4, the county began patrolling all county roads with bucket trucks and other heavy machinery to remove debris larger debris.

The County removed 4,562 hanging limbs and 145 hazardous trees in the two weeks prior to the meeting.

The cost of removing the debris adds could add up to nearly $775,000, but the County’s costs will be a fraction of the total bill.

Former President Donald Trump approved Mississippi’s disaster declaration on Jan. 1, 2021, which makes it possible for residents and local governments to receive monetary relief for Zeta’s damages.

Currently, the County is still removing debris and working with a contractor to remove, burn and dispose of all debris through the Department of Environmental Quality.

One resident attended the meeting to deliver a letter to the Board, thanking the County for the clean up's progress.

The Board also:

Approved monthly meal reports and personnel for the Stone County Sheriff’s Department.

Approved monthly reports and property tax assessments for the Stone County Tax Collector.

Approved personnel reports for the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Approved request for $250 to support the local livestock showing season for the county’s Extension office.

Took a resolution to support Marsy’s Law for Mississippi under advisement.

Voted to rescind annual emulsion bid and re-advertisement for a better offer.

Approved the monthly reports for the Building and Code Department.

Approved Stone County Road Department’s request to advertise for a used backhoe and front-end loader for no more than $48,000.

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