Officers with the Stone County Sheriff’s Office are working to identify suspects responsible for slashing the brake lines of at least four vehicles at the City Bridge Road swim hole in the past two weeks.

SCSD Officer Phyllis Olds said that after one victim came forward, three others called in reports of similar incidents that happened recently at the same location.

After parking at the popular swim spot, the drivers realized their brakes were not working as they attempted to pull out onto the road.

“What’s happening is they’re pulling to get back onto the bridge; they hit their brakes and have no brakes,” Olds said. “Thank goodness they have to go up that little ramp thing now to get back on the road because that’s where they’re figuring out a problem before they ever get back on the road.”

City Bridge Road is a busy two-lane that sees a lot of 18-wheelers from commercial traffic in addition to residential traffic.

Olds said it has not been uncommon for vehicular burglaries to be reported at the City Bridge swim hole if someone had left valuables in sight on their cat seats while floating the creek.

However, Olds is not aware of similar incidents involving any damage to brake lines before. She is perplexed by why someone would cut the brake lines on multiple vehicles while leaving no other damage.

“It’s a weird situation, and it seems only to be happening to females’ vehicles,” Olds said. “It’s by God’s grace that nobody has been hurt.”

She said a definitive motive for the actions had not been determined as of Monday, July 25.

As of now, investigators believe the incidents are unrelated.

The SCSD has identified some possible leads on suspects but has not arrested or filed charges related to the crime.

Olds said several individuals had been interviewed, but no person has reportedly seen anything happen.

The SCSD has been increasing patrol of the area throughout the day and late evening.

Olds hopes more information comes in the following days.

She also advised anyone with a similar experience to make a report with law enforcement immediately.

The individual could be charged with destruction of private property orfelony malicious mischief in addition to paying restitution to the victims.

If anyone has information about the incident, tips can be reported to the sheriff’s department at 601-928-3191. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 877-787-5898.

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