Splash of Fun

Water levels in the reservoir at Flint Creek Water Park could result in less splashing and less fun for the remainder of the summer.

The Splash of Fun Water Park inside the Pat Harrison Waterway District park, a privately held concession, had posted on social media Sunday that it would open Monday but close Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday because of high water levels in the reservoir.

“We built our pools so they wouldn’t be in the lake so they wouldn’t float,” Rusty Ryals, the holder of the concession, said Monday. Concrete will float. I’ve spoken with the assistant director [Alan Wright] of the Pat Harrison Waterway District and he was looking into the situation.”

Ryals said two pumps had to be replaced and the expense was getting to be too much for the business to cover.

He said the water levels had been kept high to please permanent campers.

“This has been an ongoing problem for the past two years,” the social media post read. “It’s time some things change or I’ll be moving our operation to another location.”

Park Manager Joe Smith spoke with the Enterprise from his vacation Tuesday morning and dismissed the idea there were permanent campers at the park.

“We do not have permanent campers,” he said. “We have no annual sites and campers rent their sites from month to month.”

He also said reservoir levels were being maintained according to state regulations.

On Monday, another social media post said the concession had heard from Alan Wright and both parties agreed the lake needed to be lowered one foot.

“This avoids water backing up into the pumps and motors that run the park,” it read.

The post said the concession had made a business decision and would only be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until school begins and then would only be open on Saturdays and Sundays until Labor Day.

In addition, the restaurant located at Splash of Fun is closing and moving to another location.

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