Fire breaks out in scrap yard

Wade Beesley of the Wiggins Fire Department sprays water on a fire which broke out in a lot with abandoned vehicles on Hwy. 26 Friday.

Residents from all points of the county were surprised to see a smoke column rise over the west side of Wiggins Friday afternoon.

The cause was what Wiggins Fire Department Chief Jody Hatten called a, “highly suspicious,” fire in a lot containing old cars and heavy equipment.

Hatten said by the time he arrived, the fire was too big for him to determine whether the vehicles or the grass had been the starting point of the fire.

Overgrowth hid the lot, located on Hwy. 26 near the entrance to the Stone County SPCA shelter and Oak Lane Trailer Park.

Hatten also said there were less than 10 vehicles on the lot, but it appeared they had been there, “10 or 20 years or more.”

The Wiggins Fire Department was the only department to respond and had the fire quickly under control.

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