Hall Street repairs entering final stages

Repairs to one of Wiggins' busiest roads are in the final stages and the road should be completely refurbished soon, City Engineer Ryan Tice said Monday.

City officials said Monday that work on the Hall Street project is set to begin again soon.

In October, the city awarded a $220,000 contract for repairs to Land Shapers Inc. of Long Beach.

Hall Street runs between Hwy. 26 and Hwy 49.

"The first goal was to fix the pot holes," Tice said. "After that, the street was paved. The contractor has completed repairs of damaged areas along the street and completed the asphalt overlay portion of the project.

"We are in the final stages," he said. "There a few more items in the process."

The final phase of the project will include shoulder work and striping, Tice said. Work crews will place clay gravel material along the road where the shoulder drops off.

Once that is complete, the road will be striped. A centerline and edge strip will be placed along the newly paved road and intersection striping will be provided at Jones Avenue, 5th Avenue, Gene Avenue, and Joyce Evans Drive.

Tice said the city wanted to thank its residence for their patience during the road repair project.

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