Lyons wins the 2021 USTA MS Closed State Championship

Sadie Lyons, the daughter of Daphne and Howie Lyons of Wiggins, has taken home the USTA MS Closed State Championship in doubles for 2021. She won the championship last year in singles and now holds two of the top titles for junior tennis in Mississippi. Sadie started tournament tennis in 2017 at the age of 8 and has since played 150 matches, with wins in 102 of those, finishing 2020 ranked as #2 in MS, top 50 in Southerns and #385 at a national level. She continuously gets recognized by officials with accolades in sportsmanship and excellent player conduct, which is definitely more important to her family than the title wins. This demeanor carries over into her benevolent works. At 12 years old, she has organized more than 10 bake sales locally, each one to benefit different charities and or local residents with financial hardships due to sickness. Sadie has partnered with different local businesses to serve and feed their members and employees under her business name "The Violet Cafe".  She already shows a passion for community, charity and hard work and plans on continuing tennis and her baking for the foreseeable future (at least through middle school).