In today’s modern world full of distractions, it can be easy to forget to stop by the courthouse to perform civic duties like remembering to vote or respond to jury summons.

That is why Stone County Circuit Court has partnered with Text My Gov, an automated alert system that can send reminders and answer some questions for citizens on the go.

“You can sign up for automatic text message notifications about things like Elections, Jury Duty or general Circuit Notifications,” Circuit Court Clerk Treba Davis said.

To get started, citizens can text “Hi” to 91896 and they will be prompted to register for alerts.

“For example, if you sign up for election notifications, you will receive a text message for things like absentee voting start date, dates the clerk’s office will be open on Saturday for absentee voting, last day to vote absentee and election day reminders,” Davis said.Once enrolled, the service is 24/7 and will respond to general inquiries about elections, marriage licenses, voter registration, and other service notices.

To receieve election updates in real time, residents can message “SCELECTIONS” to opt into automatic alerts.

Davis said she hopes to make the service as useful as possible.

“I hope to utilize the system a good bit for Jury Service,” she said. “Jurors who receive a summons may opt in to receive reporting notifications and then after their service period ends they can opt out of receiving those notification.  Once you opt in by texting the correct code, you may opt out at any time by replying STOP.”

The clerk’s office is working to set up automatic responses and make it user-friendly.

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