Sean Martin must not be caught up on digital technology.

The 50-year-old Wiggins resident allegedly broke into a Frito-Lay vendor’s truck Friday and stole a cell phone, along with some snacks.

Little did he know, apparently, that the phone’s owner had another phone and whatever is done on one links to the other.

And so, he took a selfie.

Which immediately showed up on the linked phone, allowing law enforcement to identify him.

“He is also suspected of breaking into the Stone County School District bus barn,” said Investigator Steve Taylor with the Wiggins Police Department. “We’ve recovered items from both burglaries.”

Martin, already on parole from the Mississippi Department of Corrections, was apprehended Monday morning after allegedly attempting to steal a family member’s car.

“The family member had alerted police, but Martin broke and ran,” Taylor said. “A neighbor pointed out to police where he was hiding in a shed and he was taken into custody.”

He now faces felony charges of receiving stolen property.

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