Construction has begun on a site on Hwy. 49 which will eventually open as a Tractor Supply Co. store.

A representative of the construction firm building the store, Hix Snedeker Companies, said Tractor Supply had been looking to locate in Stone County for some time and had waited for a suitable site.

The representative, who asked to not be identified, also said June 1 was the latest the store would be open for business.

Located on the west side of Hwy. 49 near the former Fabric Dock and Sawmill Restaurant, the store will be just inside the southern corporate limits of the City of Wiggins.

Mayor Joel Miles said he was excited to see the store come to town, with a caveat.

“As mayor, I’m excited to see them come to town,” he said. “As co-owner of Hudson Farm Supply, not so much so.”

Miles said it can only be good to have a company as large and well known as Tractor Supply locate in the city.

“Anytime you can get a business into town of that size, it’s going to increase the tax base and it’s going to provide jobs,” Miles said. “It would pretty hard to argue that’s not good for the city.”

One county resident is happy to see the company locating here.

Julius Fountain said he and another family member would often travel to Gulfport to purchase small tractor parts.

“They have the parts in stock you can’t get here now,” he said.

Like Miles, District 2 Supervisor Daniel Harris is pleased to see businesses put stores in the county.

“It’s going to bring a few jobs and it’s going to bring more tax revenue and that’s what I’m looking forward to,” he said.

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