The Stone County Sheriff’s Department took two juveniles into custody last week after one student tried to bring a loaded gun to school. Later last week, another student reportedly made threatening posts on social media.

On Monday, September 20, one minor was taken into custody by a school resource officer after law enforcement was notified a student brought a loaded gun on the school bus.

“It was that morning before school even started. It all happened on the bus,” Captain Amanda Schonewitz said.

Schonewitz said another student on the bus saw the weapon and told an adult what was happening.

When the bus arrived at the school, the school resource officer confiscated a Glock handgun and brought the youth into custody.

Schonewitz confirmed that the handgun was loaded when the student was taken into custody.

She said she could not comment on the nature of any threats made by the student or whether the student admitted to any plans for the weapon at school.

“It is still an open investigation,” Schonewitz said.

Schonewitz said the student was no longer attending classes and was still held in custody on Monday afternoon on September 27.

The student will face at least one charge of weapon possession on school property.

Schonewitz said the school district did not issue a lock-down order for any location because the incident happened outside of a school building and was resolved before classes began for the day.

“The school took proper steps and protocols to ensure the children’s safety,” she said.

Separately, Schonewitz confirmed another juvenile was brought into custody on Thursday, September 23.

The SCSD was alerted that a high school student allegedly posted threats on social media regarding Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Perkinston campus.

Schonewitz said she could not confirm the nature of the threats or what the social media posts were about but said the student was taken into custody before acting on any threats made.

The student was charged with making a terrorist threat.

At this time, Schonewitz said the incidents are unrelated, and both individuals are under investigation.

“They are two separate incidents, and they are not connected,” Schonewitz said.

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