Wiggins Mayor Joel Miles said Thursday the city has identified several issues with its decades-old water and sewer system and it hopes to find funds for an overhaul of the system in the coming years.

"A lot of our water and sewer lines are 60 to 70 years old," Miles said. "Naturally, over the course of time, they have eroded."

Miles said the system is not in immediate danger, but repairs and/or a new system will be needed in the future.

"We have been working with the state to find funding for future projects," he said.

One issue with the old lines is water infiltration. The old lines, Miles said, are made of brick and concrete. Cracks in the lines have caused water infiltration in some areas.

In an unrelated project, the city will take bids on Jan 7 to make improvements to the water tower near the high school, city engineer Ryan Tice said Thursday.

The project will include stripping the lead paint off and repairing and repainting the tower.

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