Investigators with the Wiggins Police Department are asking for information related to a shooting that claimed the life of a 19-year-old on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Officers responded to multiple 9-1-1 reports of a gunshot on Hope Avenue at 6:31 p.m. Upon arrival, officers found Perry resident Jacoby Bolton face down in the street. He was shot in the back.

Bolton was transported by ambulance to Memorial Hospital at Stone County in critical condition.

“He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival,” Wiggins Police Chief Thomas said.

On Thursday, November 18, Bolton’s autopsy was completed.

Jeff Thomas said the department has identified a person of interest in the homicide investigation and is currently pursuing multiple leads, but witnesses are still needed.

“I still need the witnesses to come forward,” Thomas said.

Thomas said officers interviewed multiple individuals as of last week, but more information is needed to solve the crime.

According to Bolton’s personal social media, he was originally from New Augusta and attended Perry Central High School before moving to the Perry neighborhood near McHenry.

Officers believe Bolton was at the Hope Avenue residence where a small group had gathered and may have been leaving when he was shot.

“He ran out to the street where he fell, and that’s when officers arrived on scene, initiated first aid and performed CPR,” Thomas said.

No official motive has been determined.

“That’s where we’re at with it at this moment,” Thomas said in an interview last Thursday. “We’re still trying to nail down the exact reason as to what it was for.”

Thomas said any information related to the incident would be appreciated.

“If you have some information, either call the police department or Crime Stoppers,” Thomas said,

Information can be provided to Wiggins Police Department at (601) 928-5444. Anonymous tips can also be made by contacting Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers online or by calling 877-787-5898.

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