Arrested man

Alert police work by an investigator with the Stone County Sheriff’s Department has resulted in two felony cases being resolved in one call.

Investigator Candi Stewart responded to a complaint of an attempted rape and noticed evidence which pointed to another crime.

“When she went to the house about the attempted rape, she noticed a crowbar in the victim’s bedroom and realized a recent break in at the McHenry Library had involved the use of a crowbar,” said Capt. Ray Boggs of the SCSD. “After further questioning, she realized the suspect was involved in both cases.”

Dustin Strickland, an 18-year-old McHenry resident was arrested and charged with felony attempted rape and felony commercial burglary.

Strickland admitted his involvement in both cases to the investigator.

He was scheduled to have an initial appearance at 1 p.m. Tuesday in Stone County Justice Court.

The McHenry Library has been plagued with break ins and vandalism over the past three years and investigators believe this case may show it was Strickland all along.

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