The Mississippi Department of Corrections placed all state correctional facilities except two on lockdown status Monday.

The lockdown applied to the Stone County Regional Correctional Facility in Wiggins.

“We got a message from MDOC that says we’re on lockdown,” said warden Duane Brewer. “I can’t give you any details because I don’t know any details as of yet.”

The lockdown severely restricts movement of prisoners within the facilities and no visitation, no commissary and no outside recreation are allowed while it remains in force.

On a Facebook page, MDOC posted that investigations were ongoing in what was referred to as, “a statewide incident,” with no further elaboration.

The only two facilities not affected by the lockdown are Central Mississippi Correctional Facility and Washington County Regional Correctional Facility.

Both house female populations.

“Lockdowns are necessary for the safety and security of staff and inmates,” the Facebook post read. “Preventing harm to staff and inmates outweighs the temporary loss of privileges for individual inmates.”

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