Memorial Stone County offering COVID-19 tests

Memorial Stone County Medical Center is offering Coronavirus/Covid-19 tests, but patients must meet certain criteria before a test will be administered.

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport issued a press release Monday listing seven sites where the tests are available.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Nicholas Conger said Memorial was trying to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Mississippi State Department of Health guidelines for testing.

“That includes people with fever or fever and shortness of breath,” he said.

Conger stressed that those exhibiting symptoms make telephone contact rather than just showing up at a clinic site.

“Our No. 1 recommendation is that you call your healthcare provider before you do anything,” he said. “Quarantine or shelter in place in your own home and monitor your symptoms.”

He also said it was important if a child was exhibiting symptoms to contact a pediatric provider.

“Children can run fevers for any number of reasons, so it’s important to seek guidance from a pediatrician,” he said.

Memorial also announced its COVID-19 Hotline had been expanded to make it available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. seven days a week at 228-867-5000.

“Please call ... to speak with our clinical staff dedicated to answering COVID-19 health related questions, to receive guidance, or additional instructions if you are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19,” read the press release. “A recorded message with relevant, commonly asked questions will be available after 8 p.m.

“Call 228-867-5000 before visiting a clinic to allow the staff to determine the next steps and to prepare for your arrival.”

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