What began as a traffic stop Monday resulted in a large quantity of methamphetamine being taken off the street.

Stone County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Candace Stewart initiated the traffic stop near McHenry when she noticed a vehicle which hadn’t used a turn signal also had no valid license plate.

The stop ended in the parking lot of the Stuckey’s gas station and convenience store and the driver, 36-year-old Mickey Harrell headed into the store while a passenger, 47-year-old Rhonda Burrell went into the attached O’Neal’s Restaurant.

“Harrell tried to get rid of some methamphetamine he had on his person, but we were right there watching him,” Stewart said. “We recovered that and also found more in the vehicle.”

The combined drugs totaled 37 grams.

“This was good, alert police work by my deputy,” said Sheriff Mike Farmer. “I’d like to thank the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics for their help with investigating the case.”

Both individuals were charged with possession of a controlled substance and were expected to have initial appearances in Stone County Justice Court Tuesday afternoon.

“I have always had, and always will have, a zero-tolerance policy in regard to drugs,” Farmer said. “If you’re bringing that garbage into Stone County, at some point we will catch you.

“My department is going to be working more closely with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics to investigate and initiate prosecution against those who are poisoning our community.”

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