The sounds of a metal driver striking a teed-up golf ball, a golf ball rattling into the cup and the under-the-breath curse of a frustrated golfer can all once again be heard at Pine Burr.

If one listens carefully, one is also likely to hear the oohs and aahs as golfers and members of the general public get a first look at the newly renovated clubhouse and the shiny, new golf carts parked outside.

Owners Brent and Whitney Hickman spared no expense while remodeling the clubhouse, originally a square-dance barn which has been repurposed over the years.

“We’ve completely remodeled the clubhouse and opened and brightened it,” said Reuben Wedgeworth, the golf course’s general manager. “We have emphasized what did work and eliminated a lot of what we thought didn’t work in an attempt to arrive at a state-of-the-art venue that can serve several purposes.”

Gone are the dark, rustic exterior and interior walls; replaced with a lighter color of paint, a metal ceiling in the ballroom with digital lighting and a top-of-the-line sound system.

The old wooden ceiling beams remain, a last reminder of the rustic nature of the building.

The restrooms have been renovated, to include a bride’s and groom’s room so wedding parties have a well-lit, comfortable place to prepare for the big day.

Expanses of mirrors and bright lights highlight what had been a dark and foreboding space.

The stage and bar area are gone from the ballroom, new doors span the front of the building and the old doors were repurposed to create a tournament/sun room in the rear.

In addition, there is a caterer prep room for those serving events.

“We’re no longer going to have a grill,” Wedgeworth said. “We’ll have hot dogs, snacks and refreshments available in the pro shop, but we won’t have on site food prep for the purpose of food sales.”

All of that just covers the main building.

Volumes of work have been completed and are still underway on the overall property.

Wedgeworth, who has experience as a golf course superintendent, perks up while discussing work on the grounds.

“We’ve been spraying extensively to bring weeds under control, we’ve worked on the greens to improve them, we’ve sodded areas, took out trees and expended views while installing rough along the fairways to keep the course challenging,” he said. “Players are going to notice a lot of changes and improvements to the course.”

Getting around the course will be facilitated by the 30 new golf carts.

“We’ve purchased brand-new, Yamaha gas carts that are whisper quiet,” Wedgeworth said.

City of Wiggins Mayor Joel Miles was impressed with the ne look of the facilities and is pleased by the fact the course has reopened.

Pine Burr is a tremendous asset to the community and it’s good to see it back up and running,” he said. “It’s obvious the Hickmans intend to run a first-class facility which will, hopefully, draw players and others looking for an event venue from far and wide.”

Memberships are available at two levels.

An unlimited membership which will allow all the golf one can play with the use of a cart is $190 monthly.

A general membership with unlimited golf without a cart is available for $130 monthly.

Both also include fishing rights on the property’s lake.

Those interested in just playing a round can do so for $37 with a cart Monday through Thursday.

That goes up to $45 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The course will host tournaments with the first this Saturday benefitting the Stone High School baseball team.

Wedgeworth stressed the private nature of the facility.

“Pine Burr is now private property and while Brent and Whitney’s desire is for a family-friendly, community asset, they ask that the private nature of the facility be respected.”

Summer operating hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and more information is available by calling 601-928-4911 or by visiting the facility’s web page at

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