Police remind all motorists to drive sober

Those looking to imbibe adult beverages in celebration of Labor Day may want to be aware of the increased law enforcement presence during the Labor Day Blitz.

Sponsored by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the blitz, which began August 16 and runs through next Monday at midnight, will be joined by the Stone County Sheriff’s Department.

“We’re going to have extra patrols on the road along with random safety checkpoints and saturation patrols,” said DUI Enforcement Officer Kevin Hines.

All additional officers required to staff the blitz are paid through a grant administered by NHTASA and MDPS.

“People need to make sure they have designated drivers if they’re going to be partaking of alcoholic beverages,” Hines said.

The cost of a DUI conviction is staggering, to say the least.

The fine alone can run between $1,200 and $1,300 for a first offense.

“Court costs and attorney fees can be $2,000-plus, even on open and shut cases,” Hines said. “If someone chooses to fight the charge, my understanding is those costs can exceed $10,000.”

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