With music inspired by 2-Pac and Johnny Cash, country rap duo The Lacs are coming to Perkinston this weekend.

The Lacs is scheduled to perform Saturday, June 20 at South Mississippi Off-Road venue in Perkinston, just south of Highway 53.

This won’t be the first time rappers Brian King and Clay Sharpe have performed at Off-Road, but they are looking forward to one of their first events since COVID-19.

“It feels good to be back out there performing for our fans,” King said.

The Lacs have been writing and recording music since 2002. Together, they have produced 13 albums. In 2017, they started their label, Dirt Rock Empire. With songs like "Dirt Road Dollars” and “Let Your Country Hang Out” they have gained more than 100 million views on YouTube and more than one million songs sold digitally.

The duo from Baxley, Georgia first started making music as a diversion, but their true calling became too loud to ignore.

“Over the years, as we worked doing jobs we weren’t necessarily passionate about, we tried to dig deeper into what our true passion was,” King said. “Having a strong like for music growing up, we decided to try to record some music and realized we enjoyed creating music. The passion grew and we started recording more and more music, sharing it with our friends to see what they thought…The rest is history.”

They write and collaborate on every song they have recorded. All songs are inspired by their backgrounds and a wide range of musical tastes.

“You name it, we love it,” Sharpe said. “From 2-Pac and Johnny Cash, from Bone Thugs n Harmony to Hank Jr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

Sharpe said when they first started, neither were strong singers. So they began to rap.

“We started rapping about what we knew best, which was country living,” Sharpe said. “Eventually, as we developed our sound, we found Brian had a great voice and, combined with my raps, we were able to come up with the unique sound that has become The Lacs.”

Over the years, King and Sharpe have seen the interest in country rap grow.

“It has grown so much since we started,” Sharpe said. “People use to laugh when we said we did country rap, but now it is accepted and is creating a name for itself, gaining further attention from Nashville.”

Other country rappers like Colt Ford, Ryan Upchurch, Big Smo, Lil Nas X, and Cowboy Troy have had success with mainstream audiences in recent years. The Lacs can attest to it.

“The country rap scene developed organically from artists that were influenced by both rap and country music, so they didn't have any musical barriers when creating music,” Sharpe said. “Now the whole thing has come full circle where you see mainstream artists collaborating with country rappers, and mainstream press like Rolling Stone Magazine coming out to our annual Lactember Fest music festival, so they can see first hand what country rap is about.”

Tickets are on sale through South Mississippi Off Road’s website and range from $20 to $60 for day passes. VIP passes are $20 and meet and greet passes are $30.

Both King and Sharpe are looking forward to seeing some familiar fans.

“We have played at this Park before and it was a great time,” King said.

King said his favorite part of touring is meeting fans across the nation.

“We love our country, playing live music, and enjoy the parties with everyone,” King said.