Residents of West Bond Avenue have had enough careless driving in their neighborhood.

Resident Lou Ann Alexander and her neighbors voiced concerns about speeding and all-terrain vehicles on city streets at the Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“West Bond has always been just a quiet street, (but)… really within the last year, especially within the past six months, we have had a real problem with through traffic,” Alexander said.

Alexander said drivers have been speeding through their section of West Bond Avenue late in the evenings and on weekends since this spring. 

Alexander said it has only gotten worse in the past months.

The speed limit in their neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. 

All residents said local law enforcement has tried to help and respond to their calls, but Alexander the drivers have been successful at avoiding law enforcement.

Residents also reported people speeding on ATVs that overloaded with passengers. Multiple residents present also said the ATVs often ride with through the streets with too many passengers, often children, with no protective gear.

“They are flying on our streets,” Alexander said. “We’re just sick of it.”

Alexander said a speeding vehicle recently hit her dog.

Others fear it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

Resident Cindy Hardy said she worries about neighborhood children and she fears for her well-being as a deaf woman.

“It’s really scary,” Hardy said. “If I don’t hear them, they could hit me.”

She said vehicles have sped too close to her when walking to her neighbor’s house.

“We’ve had small children move into the neighborhood and it’s starting to scare me,” Another resident said. 

The Board said they are looking into resolving the matter immediately.

Major Joel Miles said the City will look into options to deter speeding in the future to resolve the issue.

The Wiggins Police Department will increase patrol in the area in the meantime.

The Board also:

• Approved an emergency proclamation for Hurricane Zeta.

• Extended the proclamation and addendum of the local emergency order for another two weeks. The existing local orders will expire on Nov. 18.

• Voted to keep the handicap and senior bus parked for another two weeks.

• Voted to advertise for the 2021-2022 municipal depository.

• Accepted one resignation from the Wiggins Police Department and approved $300 for training expenses.

• Approved the close out details for the city’s tank project.

• Voted to advertise for bids for the city’s upcoming sewer line repairs.

• Voted to help facilitate the $50,000 facade grant to the Stone County Economic Development Partnership from Mississippi Power at no cost to the City.

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