Representatives of business, industry and higher education gathered last Friday at Stone High School to take part in the Tomcat Futures Expo.

The annual event allows students to interact with those who are actively engaged in career or educational fields which may hold their interest.

“Every year it gets bigger and better,” said principal Adam Stone of the fourth annual event. “Schools are taking the route that college isn’t the only path forward and events like this give the students real-world experience instead of reading it in a book or online.”

The expo allows students to find out what type and amount of training they need for their desired career path.

That my be college, community college, vocational training or combinations thereof.

It also allows students to get accurate information concerning what kind of salary one can expect in a given field.

Dr. Barbara Fowler, Stone County School District Career and Technical Director, said it was to students’ advantage to have the availability of so many contacts.

“It’s a good thing for our students to have interactions with business and industrial representatives as well as representatives from the colleges,” she said. “it helps with their ability to develop their goals and create their life plans.”

Fowler credited the local business, health care and industrial communities with coming together for the betterment of students.

“We have those community partners, so it’s not that difficult to put the event on,” she said. “They’re willing to come in and interact with our students.”

She also credited the Stone County Economic Development Partnership for helping with the organization of the event.

“Betsy Rowell and Sandra Kirke were instrumental in helping us put it all together,” she said.

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