Signs an issue again in Wiggins

A pile of temporary signs which have been picked up by City of Wiggins maintenance workers at the city’s maintenance yard on Davis Avenue.

Signs, both political and retail, are once again an issue in Wiggins.

Specifically, temporary signs placed in the city’s right of way.

A reader had complained about campaign signs having been removed and, at first, it sounded like one candidate had been singled out.

The candidate had to go to the city’s maintenance facility to retrieve the signs and was told the order to take up the signs had come from higher ups.

A call to City of Wiggins Mayor Joel Miles quickly set the record straight.

“The city has had an ordinance on the books for a long time which prohibits temporary signage being placed in the right of way,” the mayor said. “City maintenance workers are directed to remove any and all signs which are not in compliance with the ordinance.”

A visit to the maintenance yard on Davis Avenue revealed a pile of signs and they included those of the campaign, retail, event and other varieties.

“Anyone who has had signs removed from the public right of way is welcome to come to the city yard and pick up their property,” Miles said.

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