Residents of Wiggins overwhelmingly voted to maintain the three percent franchise tax agreement with Mississippi Power.

Voting took place at City Hall and the Board of Alderman meeting was moved to the municipal courtroom at the Wiggins Police Department on Tuesday, August 4.

Forty-two voted in the special election, which was held Tuesday, August 4 at City Hall. Forty-one voted in favor of maintaining the current franchise tax rate. One person voted to lower the franchise tax rate to two percent.

The franchise tax requires Mississippi Power to send three percent of tax-payer generated profit back to Wiggins.

Municipalities across the lower coastal counties have held similar special elections this week, with a few cities opting for earlier elections.

Revenue generated from the tax goes toward funding for city services and other general budget needs.

If Wiggins would have voted to lower the agreement one percent, the City would have lost $400,000.00 in revenue the first year, according to City Hall.

As Wiggins and other coastal municipalities grow over the next 25 years, the revenue from Mississippi Power will increase.

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