Stone Co. schools put emphasis on security

The entrance and iconic, “blue room,” at Stone Elementary School is undergoing renovations to enhance security.

The iconic, “blue room,” will be no more.

The main entrance to Stone Elementary School is undergoing renovation in order to shore up security at the school.

“It’s going to be a huge safety issue for us,” said Stone County School District Superintendent Inita Owen. “There will be a reception area and individuals will have to be buzzed through to gain entry.”

As things are now, an individual could go through the main entrance and access the 2nd- and 3rd-grade halls without encountering an office or security personnel.

While the renovation is underway, students will enter at opposite ends of the school and meet in the middle. The current setup has them entering at the middle and dispersing down their respective halls.

“The blue room just does not work anymore where security is concerned,” Owen said. “It may be an inconvenience until the work is finished, however, it is going to go a long way toward the security of both our students and our staff.”

Owen estimates the renovation will be complete by Christmas.

The district has other security enhancements in the works, but Owen is unwilling to go on the record at this time to discuss them.

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